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    Case Study: Two Resident-Focused Companies Are a Software Match


    Mark-Taylor Residential provides turn-key property management services to apartment owners. One of the keys to Mark-Taylor’s success has been their use of technology to enhance resident satisfaction and streamline operations.

    In 2011, all rent payments at Mark-Taylor were made via paper check. However, managing rent collection for more than 15,000 units proved challenging for their staff. Each rent payment was entered manually into the company’s accounting software. This inefficient process was draining time resources and was prone to human error. In addition, rent payments were frequently subject to long hold periods preventing the company’s access to valuable capital.

    The Search for the Perfect Rent Payment Software

    When Mark-Taylor began their search for rent payment software, they learned that most providers were not a good fit for their needs. Providers often held funds for too long and presented integration challenges. And they also sent residents to a third-party payment gateway that was not user-friendly and intuitive for residents to pay their rent.

    In this case study, you’ll learn why was a perfect rent payment software solution for Mark-Taylor Residential. And you’ll learn why the president of Mark-Taylor calls, a “huge success”. Download the case study today!

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