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    Manager Announcements

    Simplified Resident Communication

    Whether you’re sending a critical message to all residents or a reminder to a specific resident, the PayYourRent announcement feature allows you to notify residents by email or by a post on their resident dashboard.

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    Your Easy-to-Use

    Manager Portal is Your New Resident Communication Hub

    With PayYourRent, you can quickly and efficiently contact a single resident, a group of residents, or your entire portfolio of residents at the same time from your manager portal.

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    Offer Multiple Ways for Your Residents to Pay Their Rent Makes Paying Rent On-Time Easy & Rewarding

    You Get Extra Features & Tools Free of Charge

    Every account includes access to a full-suite of resident and manager features at no extra cost.
    Take advantage of all has to offer and let us help you be more successful.

    • Maintenance requests
    • Phone and email support
    • Rental applications
    • Manager training and support
    • Application fees
    • Same day payment processing
    • Security deposits
    • No setup fees
    • Announcements
    • iOS and Android mobile apps
    • Website integration
    • No PCI compliance fees
    • Accounting software integration
    • No refund fees on ACH payments

    Here’s Why We’re a Leader in Electronic Rent Payments

    • Over 500k

      Resident Accounts

    • Over $2B

      In Rent Payments

    • Over 2,500

      Manager Accounts

    • Over 10 Years

      In Business


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