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    Why Online Rent Payment is Better for Residents & Landlords

    Landlords and residents are constantly seeking a payment solution that walks the line between convenient and cost-effective. PayYourRent is both.

    By: Nick Massie / 2018 /
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    Today’s technology has created a demand for instant results. In this tech environment, modern businesses need to adapt their product offerings to keep up with both competition, and the culture of the customers. Adapting technology into your business won’t just make your customers happy, it will also provide you with an easier way to get paid without the hassle of having to track down your residents. Late payment excuses? No more. Limited office hours? No need, the internet is always open. Here are some reasons online rent payments will make your life easier and your business more profitable.

    Online rent payment means more timely payments for your business, and less late fees for your residents.

    There are no “standard” work hours, which is why a 9-5 office hours policy is not convenient for all residents. Conflicting schedules don’t always make it possible for residents to meet with management staff to solve payment issues or maintenance requests. With PayYouRent, your leasing team will have the time to focus on responsibilities and priorities. Residents can make payments, schedule maintenance requests submit rental applications and connect utilities, all instantly and from the convenience of their smartphone. The convenience won’t just save you the hassle, it will also increase resident satisfaction and retention. And with the option of anytime / anyplace payments, your residents can no longer use the “couldn’t make it during office hours” excuse.

    ACH, Credit and Debit cards are the preferred payment of millennials and busy professionals.

    Digital payment adoption is becoming a widespread standard in the apartment rental industry. Residents today won’t just enjoy convenient payment, they will expect it. Our intelligent software is roommate-friendly, and can allow units with multiple residents to make payments from their own secure accounts for the same property. Our set-it and forget-it option allows residents to sign up for automatic reoccurring rent each month. This will ensure that late rent payment is never an issue, and residents can go about their lives with one less thing to worry about. We got them covered.

    This convenient service won’t just make it easier for your residents to pay, it will also help you get paid faster. Our credit and debit payments have a zero–day payment hold. We process our payments and get funds to your account by the next business day. With PayYourRent, you won’t have to worry about lengthy payment holds that are too common in the digital payment industry. Adopting a digital payment service can save you the time of organizing and submitting paper checks to the bank, and give you more time to focus on serving your residents.

    File maintenance requests from any device, and easily track the status of maintenance tickets.

    Any experienced property manager has had a late night call from an angry resident about a broken appliance. Allowing residents to submit maintenance requests online will give them the peace of mind that their message has been received, and they will be able to track the request in the PayYourRent app. Residents are provided with maintenance updates, and will be alerted when the issue is solved. The request will then be archived for the property managers so maintenance costs can be tracked and audited in one convenient place.

    Property managers can streamline operations by assigning certain tasks to specific staff members to send alerts and keep track of the current ticket and who is assigned to it. This will provide accountability and efficiency that will be easier for staff and residents. Keep your property healthy, and also keep track of finances and maintenance costs with PayYourRent.

    Residents can submit rental applications digitally from the PayYourRent dashboard.

    Applying for housing can be a daunting task. Potential residents often start with Google to find properties that fits their needs.

    This is a time consuming and stressful process, especially for those who are looking for housing on quick notice. The easier you make it for residents to submit their rental application, the better you will look amidst the competition. In this busy world, providing your customers with a convenient process will not just increase your applicant submissions, it will make the busy demographic satisfied and give a good impression of your property from the start. The rental fee is also paid online, making the whole process a breeze. Chances are, your competition is already offering online applications. An outdated customer service model can make a nice property seem less resident-friendly.

    Online applications won’t just be convenient for your potential residents, it’s also easier for property managers. Get instant email alerts for new applicants, and screen and review candidates with ease in one digital database. It’s a win-win for everyone.

    Easily connect utilities online with PayYourRent.

    PayYourRent makes it easy for residents to compare competitors and choose a utilities package that works for them. Residents can choose a customized utility setup that works for their needs from any device. This simplifies one more stressful part of the move-in process, and will allow them to get the best rates.

    PayYourRent also offers renters insurance packages for those who want it. Thes custom insurance packages include damage and pet insurance. Our top of the line-insurance offerings with competitive pricing will keep residents safe and protected from financial harm.

    The PayYourRent Advantage.

    We built our rent payment software with convenience, efficiency and innovation in mind. PayYourRent is designed to improve any property management / landlord rental business, while also providing a revolutionary all-inclusive management and communication portal for your residents. Our payment application will allow your business to operate and organize more effective by providing a streamlined process. Why wait? Call us today (888) 800-4797 and request a FREE demo.