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    Wish you could set up your account, and never have to worry about paying rent on time again? We can help you with that:

    1. Login to your account and click the button that says “Setup Auto Pay” located on your dashboard.

    2. From here, you’ll be brought to a page that is similar to submitting a one-time payment. Except this time, select the “Auto pay on…” option button and choose the day of the month you’d like your rent to be submitted.  Then enter your “Auto Pay Amount” and choose a “Start Date” for your auto pay.

    3. Click on the “Add Account” button located to the lower right corner.

    Rejoice, hallelujah, one less thing to remember each month!

    Note: if you set up an auto-payment account, please do not submit any one-time payments without cancelling or deferring your next auto-pay draft beforehand.  This will ensure that you are not debited twice by mistake.