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    Adding a property to the site is easy!  To add a property, please follow the instructions below:

    1. Login to your manager portal and click Properties.

    2. Click Add Property.

    3. Enter the requested information and click “Continue” to get to the next page until the property is fully setup.  Below is a description of each page of property information.

    Property Information – This page collects all property information including address info, payment types accepted, and ancillary features offered at the property.

    Fees – This page allows you to set the applicable fees for the property including NSF fee, application fee, and late fee.

    Notices – This page lets you setup as many people as you like to be notified by email when any event occurs at the property.

    Charges – This is where you set the charge categories that apply for the property.

    Units – This page is where each individual unit number and itemized charge amount can be set.  Unit numbers are required, everything else is optional.  Take advantage of the Unit Upload feature to upload a large number of units at once!