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    All pending payments are batched together at the payment cutoff time each day and sent out for deposit that evening.

    You will see the payment batches post to your bank account by the following morning.

    You can obtain the details of these batches in a few ways:
    By email – Setup as many people as you want notified under the Payments Deposited email notification option on the Notices page for the property.

    Online – The Deposits page on the website was built specifically for bank reconciliation purposes.  You can pull up all deposit batches on this page and export them as a .csv or .pdf file.

    Software Integration – PayYourRent integrates with several leading property management accounting software and with many of those integrations we are able to push payment batches into the accounting software to match the bank deposit batches.

    Have a question about a deposit batch?  Contact our Manager Support team and we can help.