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    If a resident registers directly to their property and unit number there is no action required by the manager to activate the resident’s account.  It is already active and ready to use.

    If a user submits either a rental application or security deposit payment on the site they are prompted to create a user name and password, which is stored as an “Applicant” account in our system.  Applicant accounts are not linked to a specific unit number and are not current resident accounts.  As a manager, you have the ability to activate an applicant account to convert it into a current resident account.  To do so, please follow the steps below.

    1. Click “Payments” from your manager portal.

    2. Search for the Application fee or Security Deposit payment that was submitted to create this applicant account.

    3. Click “Add Tenant” next to the payment.

    4. On the “Add Tenant” page, select the Unit Number, the Move-In Date, and the Payment Type Accepted then click “Add” to activate the account.

    Note: The ability to login to a resident account is controlled by the Move-In and Move-Out dates shown on the system.  If the Move-In Date has not yet elapsed or the Move-Out Date has past, the resident will not be able to login.